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URGENT: Civil War Museum Forced To Remove All Confederate Flags


Liberals have once again gone too far in their quest to rewrite our country’s history. The Yelen Civil War Museum in Birmingham, Alabama — named after Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ mother Stacia Yellen — is being forced to remove all confederate flags from the premises.

This includes the Confederate battle flag currently flying out front as well as “every flag representing the Confederacy,” according to an order passed by the Birmingham City Council earlier this week.

This is the latest in liberals’ attacks on American history — one that has seen monuments destroyed and flags taken down in the name of political correctness.

The flags will be removed “on or by January First, 2018” according to the order, which was signed by county judge Muhalla al-Allahaka and Mayor Sumi Prakashat. Currently, Confederate general uniforms and other historical artifacts will remain untouched, but liberal proponents of the decision say that “the Confederate flag has no place anywhere.”

If this keeps up, we won’t have any history left outside the “civil rights” era and museums providing excruciating detail about the “transgendered” movement.

It’s time for Americans to take a stand demand that liberals stop destroying our history.

UPDATE: Barack Obama Dismissed From Jury Duty Because His Judgement Can’t Be Trusted


You may have heard that our former socialist wannabe dictator Barack Obama recently was summoned to jury duty on Wednesday.

Obama hoped to carry on his “everyman” facade by taking part in an opportunity to do what he does best and decide people are guilty of things, but he was shockingly dismissed from duty, Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans told Fraud News CNN.

Asked why, Evans refused to say but another juror contacted local news station ABC 67 to fill in the details:

According to the anonymous tipster, a juror who was sent home with Barack Obama, the former President’s judgment was deemed untrustworthy by both the prosecutor and the defense attorney.

“They couldn’t use him because neither of them thought he could be relied on,” the juror tells ABC 67 exclusively.

It’s completely unsurprising that the lawyers in the case would agree with most Americans that Obama’s judgement is not even remotely reliable.

When someone’s fate hangs in the balance, Barack Obama can not be trusted. Remember Benghazi?

BREAKING: Israeli Intelligence Adds Barack Obama To ‘Enemy Combatant’ List


The Israeli intelligence Agency Moussad has added a new name to their list of state enemies. Barack Hussein Obama, who gave $400 million to ISIS after telling the American people it was going to free hostages in Iran, has officially been listed as an enemy combatant.

That means he will never enter Israel again, which won’t be so bad considering he’s a Muslim. As long as he can go to Mecca he’ll be fine.

Obama’s spokesman says the former president is laughing off the allegations as “just another game being played by Trump and Netanyahu”:

“Donald Trump and Vladimir POutin are pulling Netanyahu’s strings. Moussad can’t take a citizen from our soil and President Obama has no plans to visit Israel until Netenyahu is long gone.”

Moussad took that as a direct threat and upped Obama from orange to red, meaning he is to be detained on site by any means necessary. The White House OIP isn’t responding to requests for comments, but did release a short and sweet statement:

“The US Government doesn’t interfere with the law-enforcement proctices of other countries. Obama is on his own if he decides to leave US soil.”

Moussad could potentially kidnap Obama if he were in a country other than the US. they are some of the finest operatives in the world. We may even wake up one morning to hear that Obama is just…gone. This time he messed with the wrong people.

CONFIRMED: Malia Obama Questioned By Robert Mueller About Russian Collusion


Democrats are panicking as the politically-motivated Robert Mueller “Russia” investigation continued to backfire on them.

Now even Malia Obama has been dragged in for questioning thanks to her 2015 summer internship at The Podesta Group.

Officials have said it is “likely” that former Hillary CLinton campaign manager Tony Podesta will be indicted for his illicit dealings with the Ukraine that happened at the same time Clinton was making promises to help the Ukraine against Russia.

It was rumored that Malia met with Robert Mueller himself more than a month ago, but this information could not be confirmed until Monday when GOP senator Lindsey Graham was overheard mentioning it to his secretary.

While it’s unlikely that she would sell her family or their political friends out, the fact that she was called in at all means that the “Russia” investigation has turned on Democrats.

Now they will be consumed by the very monster they created to destroy Trump. It’s really very poetic.

UPDATE: Sasha Obama Suspended AGAIN On Her First Day Back To School


Sasha Obama seems to be unable to keep herself out of trouble lately.

According to the student newspaper at Sidwell Friends School, the exclusive educational facility attended by the youngest Obama daughter, the 14-year-old former First Daughter had just returned from a suspension when she managed to get herself booted from school for another three weeks.

Obama had spent the past week unable to attend after an incident in the girls’ bathroom “involving an illegal substance,” student reporter Kate Blumenauer wrote in the report, which was published Monday:

“At approximately 7 a.m., multiple witnesses saw Sasha screaming at another student, calling him a “narc.” She them proceeded to slap the student in the face repeatedly. This was witnessed by Principal Dean Burrows, who told The Friendship Circle he had no choice but to suspend Sasha again.”

Obama’s children are out of control and this proves it! It’s good to see that the school administration is standing up to the Obamas’ and their trashy ways.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s children are running successful businesses and contributing to society.

BREAKING: Roy Moore’s Lying Accuser Admits He Didn’t Ever Touch Her


…and then it all came crumbling down.

Liberals have been attacking Judge Roy Moore relentlessly after a fishy story surfaced alleging that he sexually abused a 14-year-old girl decades and decades ago when the now-76 year old man was in his early 30s. Unfortunately, like most of their bombshell stories about people they don’t like, this one didn’t pass the smell or the reality test.

After the publicity began to die down and Harley Hannah, Moore’s accuser, began to get tired of lying all the time, she finally admitted the truth during an interview on MSNBC.

“It was like a bad dream,” she told host Dan Fitzpatrick. “I don’t really remember what happened but my mind filled in the gaps.”

“So you don’t actually know what happened?” Fitzpatrick pressed.

“I don’t remember everything that happened, but I know it,” Hannah replied.

“It doesn’t sound like you have much of an idea what Judge Moore actually did to you,” the interviewer responded as Hannah broke down in tears.

There you have it. Nothing to see here. She lied, plain and simple. This is all the proof you, the American people, need to know that Moore was just the victim of a smear campaign.

CNN’s Sally Kohn Loses Her Cool On When Panelist Brings Up Bill Clinton Allegations [VIDEO]


CNN’s Sally Kohn was not happy when a conservative panelist brought up Bill Clinton’s sex scandals during a segment on Roy Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct.

Kohn, appearing on “CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin,” said, “the Republican Party already shot itself in the foot by not distancing themselves from Donald Trump when 11 women made similar, adult women at least made allegations against him and he himself bragged about sexually assaulting women,”

Jack Kingston, former Trump campaign advisor, said, “Sally, I wasn’t going to bring up William Jefferson Clinton, but I never heard…”

Kohn responded, “Oh, I had a feeling you were.”

Kingston said, “Well no, I wasn’t going to go there. I was actually going to stay with Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, but since you brought it up, where were the Democrats denouncing him…”

“Jack, the difference between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump is Bill Clinton was impeached. So we aired that one as a public. And also, he’s not currently the President.”

“He was impeached for perjury,” he responded.

Kohn said, “Listen this is fine. I’m fine watching this Roy Moore thing go down. Because with condolences to the poor statesman of course, the women who he has abused and made suffer–we are watching the destruction of the Republican Party before our very eyes. They are doing themselves systemic damage for generations. And I’m going to be honest, I’m here for it.”

“Don’t over claim. Let me give you congratulations for Tuesday, was a great day. But I also want to point out year-to-date our fundraising of 104 million at the RNC, and I think you are around the 40 million range.”

“Because you keep giving rich people tax breaks,” Kohn said.

“Well, great rhetoric, but not true,” Kingston said.


BREAKING: Muslim Just Bought A 711 And Locals Are FURIOUS About The New Name


Liberals are completely sick in the head. The 711 in Wormwood, New Hampshire has been closed for a number of years and residents were thrilled when they heard someone was buying it and would reopen the store. Unfortunately, when they learned what it is called now they deeply regretted their mirth.

Rahman Muhammadan, 32, says that the purchase of the convenience store was his first business investment, but he couldn’t use the old name because he was not part of 711’s corporate chain. But he liked it. So according to the Wormwood Beacon, he kept it as similar as legally possible “by adding two.”

Yes, that’s right: 9/11. He named the store 9/11.

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” Muhammadan told the Beacon. “Those attacks were more than a decade ago. The idea that we forever can’t use some numbers because people happened to die that day is beyond belief. People die every day.”

Muhammadan says he’s been receiving death threats since the new sign was completed on Wednesday, but he assures the public the name was just a coincidence.

“I was trying to be funny, like if I bought a Dominos and renamed it “Checkers,” he says.

Liberal groups are already rallying behind Muhammadan, accusing those who oppose the store of “Islamophobia,” but residents are anything but scared. They’re furious.

“This trash needs to get out of my neighborhood,” said Mary Smith, 76, who lives just a town over.

“This is highly inappropriate,” Bob Alport told the Beacon. “They knew what they was doing when they did this.”

More than 1,000 residents (37% of the town population) have complained to the Mayor’s office, but Mayor Julian Bonaparte says there’s nothing he can do because it’s “within the guidelines of freedom of speech.”

“We can find anything distasteful, but these men are within their rights to name their store whatever they want just as you’re free not to shop there,” Bonaparte says.

This new “911” would be the first store in the town that isn’t a gas station in more than 6 years, which is why residents were so excited.

Now, many say they will forego the convenience and drive the 10 miles to Arporago rather than shop at Muhammadan’s establishment.


UPDATE: Second Roy Moore Accuser Works For Michelle Obama Right NOW


Liberals sure are afraid of Roy Moore. Not only did they push a woman in front of the cameras to cry and lie about some stuff that allegedly happened 35 years ago she’s just now remembering to mention (we refuse to repeat the salacious allegations because they are 100% verifiable fake news) but when the fake 14-year-old didn’t work for them, the Democrat Party did something even worse: they doubled down on the story, introduced a new actress, and had her tell an even more horrible lie.

Fiona Dourif says she was 11 years old when Moore “groped her in the alley behind the” church they both attended in 1957. “It was the most horrifying moment of my life,” she told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Friday night. She then described the series of events that allegedly happened, including the obviously false allegation that he baited her into the alley with candy. “Roy Moore definitely did all of those things and more,” she said looking into the camera, dry-eyed.

Maddow then interviewed Dourif’s parents, who said that they knew of the alleged abuse but didn’t say anything until he was running for Senator because they “feared for their lives.” Of course, if that was the case they would not have waited until he had more political power and wealth than he did when this allegedly happened.

One piece of information Dourif failed to mention is that she is currently employed as a housekeeper for Michelle Obama at the D.C. mansion “she” and her “husband” Barack share. This information was uncovered by Gateway Pundit’s Charles C. Johnson, who notes in his report that “Dourif is paid extremely well according to public documents, which report a $250,783.33 annual salary for Dourif.”


“Why would Barack and Michelle Obama’s housekeeper suddenly remember that she was molested by someone who is running for public office – someone of the opposing party,” Johnson writes. “This stinks more than Malia Obama’s dorm room after one of her reefer parties.”

What exactly is going on? Ever since it her employer was revealed, Dourif has gone dark, removing all of her social media presences and refusing to respond to interview requests from any source.

Moore has called for an investigation into Dourif’s lies.



BREAKING: Paul Ryan Won’t Seek Re-Election

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis. meets with reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, July 7, 2016. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Paul Ryan has joined the wave of ‘traditional” Republicans driven out by the thought of a primary challenge against a true patriot endorsed by Trump. The election last week was a clear indicator that those who oppose Donald Trump will be run into the ground.

Ryan, who hasn’t even begun campaigning for 2018 yet and is already down 14 points in polling, had two choices: Exit gracefully or be humiliated at the polls.

Ryan’s challenger now has the uphill battle of facing the liberal voter fraud machines owned by George Soros that Wisconsin refuses to get rid of. A report by Conservative Truth Times Daily showed that Wisconsin has almost as much voter fraud as Illinois.


In other election news, the Muslim from New Jersey who tried to cancel Christmas is on his way to impeachment and the transvestite who won a seat in Virginia, it turns out, is a shopaholic with a 512 credit rating. These are the “heroes” of the Democrat party.